First meeting of season three

We will start off the new season of the Naturwissenschaftscafé with a meeting in the Tunnel Vienna (Florianigasse 39, 1080 Vienna) on Monday 2nd October.

We will be discussing on which day and time the NWC should be held and what is up for new topics. This is also a great opportunity to get to know the regular attendees and get introduced to our group.



Former Topics

For completeness we post all the topics already presented in the Naturwissenschaftscafé before this website was put online.

Stochastic models of animal movements – Flavio
Systems biology and population dynamics – Nino
Protein folding and Entropy – Angelika
Introduction to and application of chaos theory – Thomas
Quantum effects in biological systems – Thomas

History of quantum mechanics: a critical viewpoint – Flavio
History and development of nuclear weapons – Nino

Foundations of quantum mechanics I: Possible interpretations – Moritz & Flavio
Foundations of quantum mechanics II: Hidden variables theories – Moritz & Flavio
Transparent conductors – Patrick