Quantum Brain Dynamics

The next Naturwissenschaftscafé will take place on the 19th of December at 20:00 in Tunnel Vienna.

This time Moe will talk about Quantum Brain Dynamics and how current studies in Quantum Biology and Neuroscience deal with phenomena like “Quantum Conciousness” and quantum information processing in the brain.

The topics discussed are highly speculative and may contain some philosophic and even esoteric components. When reading into the field, I got the feeling that it is very important to stay open AND critical. I’m looking forward to an open discussion, because there seems to be no consensus in the scientific community whatsoever.

I will start with a short introduction in Neural Network Theory and how its assumptions are based on classical physics.

Then I want to give you an overview about the hypothesis that sparked the speculative discussion about “Quantum Conciousness”, which was developed by Penrose and Hameroff in the 90s.


And finally, I would like to talk about the current status of Quantum Neuroscience and which hypothesis have been killed by in-depth analysis:


and which are still alive:


For the preperation of the discussion it would be ideal to watch the first video, read the abstract of the arxiv paper and the quantamagzine article 🙂

Additional Literature:


The business of scientific publishing and its implications on the community

The next Naturwissenschaftscafé will take place on the 29th of November at 20:00 in Tunnel Vienna.

This times topic is going to be the business of scientific publishing and its implications on the community and will be presented by Manu.

Please have a look at the literature provided below:

Main Literature:

The Guardian with an article about the business of scientific publishing and its historical development. (Gives a good overview of the problem)

An article by Neal S Young,  John P. A Ioannidis and Omar Al-Ubaydli about the influence that current publication practices may have on science (especially life- and health sciences)

A blog post by Reinhard F. Werner: Why we should not think of PRL and Nature as THE top journals in physics

Additional read:

Wikipedia: The cost of knowledge protest.

Nicolas Gisin: Thought police on Arxiv.

Are there alternatives to main stream publishers?


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