Shut up and Contemplate! Symposium

The group of the Naturwissenshaftscafé is pleased to present its first public event. This is a one-day symposium on fundamental issues in science, to be held on the 3rd of March, 2017 at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna.

Thanks to a list of invited speakers, and hopefully a broad audience with many different backgrounds, we will try to cover the important aspects of possible alternatives that scientific development has to face.

Therefore we will provide three sections according to three categories of problems: methodological positions, socio-political context and interpretations of theories – specifically quantum mechanics.

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Former Topics

For completeness we post all the topics already presented in the Naturwissenschaftscafé before this website was put online.

Stochastic models of animal movements – Flavio
Systems biology and population dynamics – Nino
Protein folding and Entropy – Angelika
Introduction to and application of chaos theory – Thomas
Quantum effects in biological systems – Thomas

History of quantum mechanics: a critical viewpoint – Flavio
History and development of nuclear weapons – Nino

Foundations of quantum mechanics I: Possible interpretations – Moritz & Flavio
Foundations of quantum mechanics II: Hidden variables theories – Moritz & Flavio
Transparent conductors – Patrick